Rental Policies


Please read our rental policies before renting our equipment.

Rental Availability

T&M processes all reservation requests on a first come, first serve basis.

Rental Period

The rental period represents the period of time that elapses between the time an item as been checked-out and the time the item has been returned. The rental period does not suggest the time a rental is being used, but rather the time it remains in your possession out of our store. Time periods represent consecutive hours during a given business day.

Minimum Rental

A minimum rental rate may apply to a given item. For example, an item is rented at a designated 4 hour rate and is returned within 2 hours, a minimum charge exceeding 2 hours may apply. Please be aware of minimum rates to avoid any misunderstanding.

Daily Rental

Daily rental represents a given 24 hour period of time. For example, Monday 2:00 PM to Tuesday 2:00 PM. If we are closed for business on a given day, such as a Holiday, the rental item must be returned at 8:00 AM on the following business day. Items returned later than the first ½ hour of business may result in an additional rental charge.

Weekly Rental

A weekly rental fee applies to any item checked-out over seven (7) consecutive days including business and non-business days.

Late Returns

In the event you return an item after the expired time designated on your rental agreement (see “Due In”), an additional rental fee will apply. If you anticipate a late return, please notify us immediately.


All equipment powered by gas, diesel, kerosene or propane fuel is full at the time of rental. The customer is responsible for refilling the equipment before returning it, or we will charge a fee to refuel the equipment ourselves. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure the proper fuel has been used and you may be asked to show a receipt verifying this.


Rental prices are for the rental period of the contract assume the equipment to be returned in the same condition it was picked-up or delivered. Delivery prices are quoted based on curb delivery, unless other arrangements have been made in advance.


Equipment that is picked-up or delivered within a one week time frame, require no deposit. Equipment reservations made outside of a one-week time frame, require a 25% deposit to confirm the reservation. Refunds of deposit will be in accordance with our Refund Policy.


Payment in full is required prior to the delivery or at pick-up of any items.

We accept cash, checks and major credit cards. There is a $30 fee on all returned checks.

Cleaning Deposit

All food machines require a $20 cleaning deposit. The deposit will be refunded if the item(s) are returned clean.

Cancellation (Excludes Tent Rentals)

Cancellations one week ahead of your scheduled event will receive a full refund. Cancellations less than one week but more than 24 hours prior to the event, the deposit can be applied to a future rental within 12 months. No refunds provided with less than 24 hours notice or once the unit has been picked-up or delivered.

T&M reserves the right to cancel any reservation or portion of a reservation due to inclement weather, unsafe, unclean, or for areas deemed unfit for proper use, or for any other situation that the company may deem to be dangerous or which may jeopardize participant safety in any way, or any use which we may deem is not in the best interest of our company.

Weather Cancellation

Inclement Weather cancellations do not incur a fee; however the customer must call to cancel the event within 24 hours of the event and must be before the equipment is loaded.

For inflatables, we do not accept weather cancellations for cold cloudy days with 40% or less chance of scattered showers unless it’s below 40°F or actively raining in your area two (2) hours before your rental period.


INFLATABLE UNITS MUST NEVER BE USED WHEN WET INSIDE (except for water slides) and/or WHEN WINDS ARE 20 MPH OR MORE. Inflatables become very slippery and can be extremely dangerous. In these situations the inflatable unit MUST be evacuated and deflated until the winds die down and/or the rain stops. Please see the Inflatable – Inclement Weather Procedures for complete information.

Refund Policy

During uncertain weather conditions, if the Customer agrees to keep the unit for the term of the rental agreement and it begins to rain and storm after unit is delivered and set up, there will be no refunds, rain checks, or concessions. There will also be no refunds if we have to remove a rental piece or shut down an event early due to unsafe conditions, including but not limited to occurrence of inclement weather.

Pick-Up Vehicle

Our equipment varies in size and weight, so please contact us to be sure your vehicle will accommodate.


Delivery and pick-up charges are based on where the items are being delivered. The delivery time is scheduled three (3) days prior to your contract. We deliver to the curb, unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

Tables & Chairs

Our delivery service does not include the set-up and/or tear down of tables or chairs. We offer this service for an additional charge.


Our delivery service includes the set-up of the inflatable. If delivered prior to your event, or picked up the next day, you are responsible for safe storage of the equipment.

Games and Concessions

Our delivery does not include set-up or tear down of games or concessions. We offer this service and operators for an additional charge.


Pole tents and frame tent prices include delivery, set-up and tear down within a 10 mile radius of our store. Outside this area, delivery will be determined by distance.

EZ-Up tent prices are for pick-up only; however, delivery and set-up is available for an additional fee.

To move a tent that is not the fault of T&M an additional 20% charge will apply.

Size and Weight of Equipment

Our goal is to insure that the equipment will meet your needs. At time of reservation, our staff will ask questions about your project or event. To check size, weight or capacity of our equipment, please contact us.

Set-Up Area (Tents and Inflatables)

You need a relatively flat area at least 5 feet bigger all around than the size of the tent/inflatable. Tents/Inflatables can not be set-up on a slope – it is just not safe.

Check for bushes or tree branches in the way. The tent/inflatable can not be set-up under power lines or branches that touch the tent/inflatable.

Clear the area of rocks, sharp sticks, animal waste or other obstructions, Check the area for fire ant hills ditches or other holes.

Upon booking your event, you are asked if the tent/inflatable will be placed on grass, on asphalt/concrete or indoors. If the tent/inflatable is on asphalt/concrete or indoors, we will provide weights to be placed at the corners. If the tent/inflatable is placed on grass, we will provide stakes for the corners.

Prior to set-up, you must identify all underground utility lines or sprinkler systems. They must be clearly marked to not interfere with staking. If you are unsure, please advise us at time of reservation. Damages resulting from unmarked lines, will be your responsibility.

Adult Supervision Adult Supervision pertains to persons age 18 years of age and older.

A designated attendant must be present at the time of delivery as a mandatory safety briefing will be conducted at ALL events following initial setup. Additionally, we require a customer signature stating they have received the safety briefing and that they understand all operating and safety instructions for proper use of the equipment.

Accidents on rental equipment generally result from one of three avoidable occurrences:

  1. Excessive number of participants or improper mixing of age groups;
  2. Flips and/or rough-housing;
  3. Rental unit not kept properly secured.

Attendants should monitor the total number and relative ages/sizes of participants and ensure they’re following all rules and behaving responsibility. Inflatable stake/anchor weights should also be checked periodically to ensure they remain in place and the unit properly secured.

Inflatables are to be deflated when there is no adult supervision.

T&M can provide attendants for an additional fee. (Arrangements must be made at the time of reservation.)

Power Requirements (Inflatables)

A blower keeps the air in the inflatable. The blower requires a power source – electric or generator. Once unplugged, the inflatable deflates.

The customer is responsible for the power source. T&M is not liable for problems due to the failure of your power source.

Typically we need (1) 20-amp circuit for each blower; other items can not be plugged into the same circuit. We furnish one 100′ extension cord. Unit needs to be placed within 100′ of power source.

Generators may be rented in advance if an electric power source is not available.


The Customer is responsible for all damages as the result of negligence, or failure to follow operating or safety instructions. Cleaning fees will be charged if not returned in the condition it was rented or failure to follow the Inclement Weather Procedure.

Replacement costs will be incurred for items missing, broken or rain damaged.

NO SILLY STRING is to be used on or in the inflatables. Silly String causes irreversible damage to our inflatables.

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